Litigation & Court Representation



Business labor relationships aligned to current code of practice. This includes, among others:

  • Legal representation -conciliations, negotiations, casuistry
  • Contract settlement and firings
  • Workplace harassment
  • Management of work-related accidents and occupational disease
  • Internal crisis management
  • Workplace health promotion and prevention
  • Harmonizing of relationships with risk management providers


Make your voice heard through professional representation.  Some usual scenarios:

  • Employment lawsuits
  • Layoff proceedings and dismissals (Fair and unfair)
  • Work-related accidents and occupational disease claims
  • Management of loss of work capacity before risk administrators and evaluation boards
  • Pension claims in occupational risks and in average premium or individual savings with solidarity systems
  • Claims on unrecognized gains or wrongfully executed pensions
  • Management of tutelage actions, long term disability and occupational health incidents
  • Succession and conciliation


For companies making pension contributions and who require to:

  • Assess whether claimants have or not the right for pension substitution
  • Analyze and case study of pension claims due to:
    • Dependents
    • Cohabitation
    • Total disability
    • Permanent disability

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Your business, up-to-date in current code of practice.

  • Single registry of databases before Colombia’s Superintendency of Industry & Commerce
  • Induction on labor law principles to employees with direct reports
  • Regulatory changes in labor law, pension systems, occupational risk guidelines and parafiscal tax contributions, among others
  • Workplace harassment
  • Management of work-related accidents and occupational disease
  • Handling of sensitive information due to market or business changes, which impact regular business operations
  • Effective communication to report on progress and results of class actions or collective negotiations
Sandra Afanador


Attorney specialized in labor law and social security.  Ample consulting experience in legal and communication areas and expertise in issues dealing with pension systems, contracts, labor and social security.

  • Universidad Católica de Colombia

    Specialization in Labor Law & Social Security

    Faculty of Law

  • ADEN – University of San Francisco

    Specialization in Marketing & Sales Management

  • Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario

    Specialization in Marketing Management

    Faculty of Business Administration

  • Universidad Católica de Colombia

    Honors Degree in Law

    Faculty of Law

  • Universidad de la Sabana

    Social Communicator & Journalist

    Faculty of Communications

    Recipient of the Germán Arciniegas Journalism Prize
    Book ‘Rostros del Secuestro’
    Editorial Planeta, 1994


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Sandra Afanador Cuevas
Attorney at Law
Bogotá DC, Colombia

Tel: (+57) 318 328-5462